September 29th, 2016

Awards for brave brothers who confronted robber

Awards for brave brothers who confronted robber Awards for brave brothers who confronted robber
Updated: 4:54 pm, May 07, 2015

SELFLESS brothers who confronted a robber and gave evidence in court have been honoured by police chiefs.

Jake and Mark Roberts from Hillfields were aged 15 and 13 when they spotted a blind and partially deaf man being robbed of his wallet.

Having made sure the 37-year-old was safe they ran after the robber who had pretended to offer assistance but left the man staggering dangerously into the road.

They caught up with the woman outside a shop some distance away having already asked a passing student to call the police.

The three young men challenged the 38-year-old robber, forcing her to produce a wallet matching the description of the one stolen.

But with no identification inside they had to let her go and the trio returned to the man to help him report the theft to police.

Jake, now aged 17, said: “I could not stand by and let this happen. I was outraged that anyone could do that to a helpless man. I’m just pleased that he didn’t get hurt.”

But the teenage brothers refused to turn their backs on the incident and once home wrote statements for investigating officers.

Superintendent Chris Edwards, from Coventry Police, said: “Together with the 21-year-old student they were crucial in identifying the offender and bringing her to justice.

“All three were outstanding in giving evidence at court under intense questioning by the defence, particularly Jake and Mark in view of their age.

“Without the detail they gave in the early stages of the inquiry it’s unlikely the suspect would have been identified and apprehended.”

The strength of their testimonies helped convict the woman who was handed a six month jail term having denied the robbery throughout the trial.

Mark, now aged 14, added: “I was disgusted that anybody could do such a thing to a helpless man and I knew I had to help him. I’m just pleased that the woman was caught. I’m ashamed that a Coventry citizen could do that sort of thing.”

In recognition of their brave actions the pair were given Young Person Awards by West Midlands Police Chief Constable, Chris Sims, at a special ceremony earlier this month.