September 25th, 2016

Canley cemetery extension gets green light

Updated: 4:54 pm, May 07, 2015

A PLAN to create 1,200 new burial spaces at Canley Garden Cemetery was given the go-ahead this week.

The cemetery has been full since September but council chiefs have approved a plan to create extra space at the Cannon Hill Road site.

Bosses hope it will meet demand for the next four years as well as ease the reliance on Lentons Lane Cemetery, the only site in Coventry to have burial spaces remaining.

The extra space will be created by moving the fence in Charter Avenue back. Part of the approval saw conditions put in place for a consulation with nearby residents over the planting of trees and a hedge.

A similar move was rejected back in 2003 after a petition with 161 signatures was handed to the council. But bosses said the authority’s financial situation had changed and the burial space available at that time had since been used up.

Assistant director for greenspace Andrew Walster said: “By creating this space the residents of Coventry will again have the choice to bury loved ones in either the north or south of the city.

“Canley Garden Cemetery is a beautiful location. We will be respectful of its beauty and will ensure the planting works, inside and out, for residents and for visitors.

“This simple change will enable us to create space that will last for four further years. At a time when we only have one cemetery in the city with space, this is both a sensible and sensitive solution.”