September 25th, 2016

Foodbank children ‘on another planet’ in schools

Foodbank children ‘on another planet’ in schools Foodbank children ‘on another planet’ in schools
Updated: 4:47 pm, May 07, 2015

YOUNG children whose parents use foodbanks look like they are on another planet, a top councillor has said.

David Kershaw, in charge of education at the city council, said a recent visit to a group of reception children had left him heartbroken.

In a council debate on Tuesday he said half of the 20 youngsters looked ill-fed and were badly dressed.

“They were behaving like 18-month-olds,” Coun Kershaw said.

“They were unable to socialise. Two of them were still in nappies and not toilet trained.

“All ten of them didn’t know their own names and couldn’t speak. And they were born in this country.

“I asked the teacher questions and, without question, those children’s parents were relying on foodbanks.”

He did not name the school but told the Observer there were similar stories at other schools in the city as well as Birmingham and in other parts of the UK.

He said the children would often be condemned to underachieve way up to Years 10 and 11 and that it was ‘extremely demanding’ for teachers.

We reported yesterday how one Conservative councillor had claimed some ‘selfish’ parents chose drugs and alcohol ahead of providing for their children.

Responding to those comments, Coun Kershaw told us: “Parents have a responsibility but you can’t generalise because every situation is different.

“In my 45 years in education I have never come across a parent who doesn’t care about their children or has not wanted to see them fed properly.”

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