September 27th, 2016

Motofest 2015 ‘a resounding success’ as thousands take to the streets

COVENTRIANS took to the streets over the weekend to celebrate Coventry Motofest 2015.

Early indications suggest that a record-breaking 100,000 people got up close and personal to the high-speed action and impressive collection of cars from across history.

Despite a minor brush between a rally car and a barrier, the weekend went off without a hitch – Festival Director, James Noble, describing it as ‘a resounding success’.

He added: “Motofest 2014 had 70,000 attendees, and this year we had the same number of people on the Saturday alone.

“The event gave us the opportunity to see dragsters in action and a parade of hundreds of cars – things that we’ve never seen on UK roads before.

“Walking though the city centre, I was met by crowds and crowds of grinning faces, which was a real pat on the back to everyone who’d worked so hard to make the festival happen.”

With planning for next year’s festival beginning next month, James has promised “Motofest 2016 is full throttle ahead” – already outlining June 3, 4 and 5, 2016 as provisional dates.

Observer photographer, Jon Mullis, went down to the track on Saturday and captured these images.