October 1st, 2016

Twin-Town biker delivers package to Lord Mayor

A BIKER has travelled more than 6,000 miles to deliver a package to the Lord Mayor.

The Twin Town Courier – aka Martin ‘Sticky’ Round – rode into Coventry on his 1968 Lambretta SX200 to present Coun Michael Hammon with packages from Coventry’s twin towns of Dresden and Ostrava.

The idea of delivering the packages containing certificates from different municipalities came when Martin decided to investigate the relevance of town twinning in the 21st Century after hearing some towns around the country had ‘de-twinned’ themselves from others.

Starting the 6,000 mile journey is his hometown of Nuneaton, ‘Sticky’ worked his way through a chain of twinned towns, across 20 different countries- travelling as far afield as Montenegro and the Ukraine.

The final leg of the journey brought Martin back to Coventry, where he delivered the packages from Dresden and Ostrava.

Speaking about the unique journey Coventry’s Lord Mayor, Coun Michael Hammon, said: “Town Twinning is still very important to Coventry, but we realise that the nature of this has changed over the years to have more of a business and economic focus.

“I enjoyed welcoming Martin after his long trip and wish him all the best in his project.”

For more information about the Twin Town Courier project, visit www.stickyfeatures.co.uk/blog and www.stickyfeatures.co.uk/twin-town-courier.html