September 28th, 2016

We don’t need this fascist groove thing

Updated: 4:36 pm, May 07, 2015

PLANS for far-right wing music festival in the heart of Coventry were halted by protestors at the weekend.

The ‘Unstoppable Hate Music Festival’ was set to play the Bishopsgate Club on Foleshill Road, but pressure from Coventrians, Coventry Unite Against Fascism and Coventry TUC saw the gig pulled.

In an email circulated by Coventry Unison, they called for local help in stopping the bands which they described some of which as having “clear links to fascist groups.”

The protesters met in Broadgate on Saturday, 17 of January as a show of “disgust at the presence of these hatemongers and racists in the city.”

Speaking after the event, a spokesperson from Coventry UAF said that the demonstration hoped to show the city is for unity and fun and not for hate and racism.

They added: “We now hope that the Council and authorities will make it very clear to the Lime Tree Club and other venues that bookings should be checked properly and that race hate music has no place in Coventry.”

Unions were on hand to give their support to the anti-fascist protest. 03.015.010.cov.jm3

Socialist workers gathered together to protest. 03.015.010.cov.jm2