September 26th, 2016


The Observer has launched our campaign to save the Priory Visitor Centre – home to nationally important treasures telling the tale of Coventry’s rich history.

The centre in Priory Row houses the remains of the city’s first cathedral – St Mary’s Priory and Cathedral – originally founded almost 1,000 years ago. Astonishingly, it closed its doors on Saturday, February 27 due to council budget cuts.

Shutting it is cultural vandalism, advanced by those who only see the bottom line, and understand the price of everything and the value of nothing. The Priory Visitor Centre should be a thriving, multi-purpose international tourist destination for young and old.

It’s what current and future generations of our proud historic city deserve.

Support the campaign on our letters page, using the hashtag #savethepriory on Twitter, and via our Facebook page.