20th Jan, 2017

REVIEW: Yo Sushi's new street food menu has something for everyone

Coventry Editorial 23rd May, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

WHEN someone says ‘sushi’ most people thing cold, raw fish on top of a bit of rice.

But Yo Sushi’s new ‘TokYO! street food menu is proving that wrong.

My partner and I, self-confessed sushi-lovers went along to Yo Sushi in Leamington Spa to see what all the fuss is about.

Greeted by the wonderful team of staff, we were shown to our table. Sat next to the conveyor belt of delicious-looking dishes was certainly a challenge considering how hungry we were, but it also meant we were just feet away from the kitchen – just close enough to see the talented chefs show off their skills with a knife and fillet of fish.

We started off with a clam and enoki miso soup – a new take on a classic dish.

The shelled clams and enoki mushrooms brought a richer flavour to the soup, while the sprinkling of shichimi powder on top gave it a much-needed ‘kick’.

Soup finished, we moved onto more substantial dishes.

Our favourites had to be the okonomiyaki and the chazuke – two dishes I challenge anyone to eat and not immediately want more of.

A sort of savory pancake made from batter and cabbage topped with tuna flakes, the okonomiyaki made a great dish for us to share.

On its own the okonomiyaki could be a little much, and I would suggest other dishes on the menu will give your tastebuds more pleasure, but as a palate cleanser or side dish it found its place.

But five stars have to go to the chazuke – a large bowl of rice, cooked flakes of salmon and seabass, all surrounded by a fragrant and incredibly tasty umami broth.

The flavours came together beautifully and the tender flakes of fish simply melted in our mouths.

Our aching stomachs surprisingly full we decided we could just about manage dessert, agreeing sharing it would be the most sensible course of action.

We opted for the Japanese souffle cheesecake – similar to the a New York baked cheesecake, though much lighter with a whipped texture.

With more hot dishes and larger portion sizes the traditional sushi restaurant has branched out in its new menu and I would recommend it to anyone who fancies something a little different.

And while it is true that I am a big fan of sushi so may be a little biased, I truly believe Yo Sushi’s new menu has something everyone will like – even those who prefer their fish to be cooked.