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Where You Can Find The Best Online Gambling Outside The UK

Coventry Editorial 13th Jun, 2024 Updated: 13th Jun, 2024   0

The UK is the nucleus of the current online gambling boom, and you could probably make a strong case that many of the significant changes we see at the moment have slowly stemmed

from the pioneering legislative approach the UK took in the mid-2000s.

While we could sit around all day and talk about this, our focus today takes a step back, looks at the broader landscape, and expands the view to include international markets.

Some of these markets are just as esteemed as the UK, some are growing, and some face different types of challenges than traditional UK sportsbooks and digital casinos.

Checking Out Affiliate & Reviews

Personally, if I’m checking into a hotel or about to go to a restaurant, I’ll often find out what friends or family have to say about it. If I want to get another opinion on it, I’ll see what people

have to say online.

While online reviews can sometimes be poorly written and unintelligible, emotional babble, affiliate sites can find the perfect balance of bringing reviewers together with the core audience

who want to learn more about a gambling platform before they sign up with their personal details and financial information.

Affiliates don’t have a magic wand, and their sites also include many opinions. Just like in casino gaming, there are sites that are better than others. This is to be expected from any


However, many of these sites must remain impartial and objective. Suppose it appears that they’re working for another company in the industry, or they’re using their platform to advertise a

service that they’re clearly plugging and trying to get people to join. In that case, this suggests they’re not operating in honest faith. We’re not saying that this is the worst thing in the world –

but it does question the overall reputation and legitimacy of their reviews.

Irish Affiliate Gambling Sites

Many reputable sites provide fair and balanced online gambling reviews outside the UK.

We’re not going across the other side of the world to check out their gambling markets either; we’re taking a short trip over the Irish Sea, albeit digitally, to highlight the importance of an affiliate site that has consistently delivered in all of the critical variables we spoke about at the end of the last section.

Irishluck.ie has a longstanding tradition and reputation of providing impartial and balanced casino reviews for Irish online bettors. As one of the top-rated sites in Ireland, it’s often the site

of choice for those looking for an objective review – particularly for new Irish slot gaming sites.

Ireland has a deep-rooted tie to gambling, whether it’s a strong connection to horse racing, one of the most gambled-on sports in the world, or a good old Irish-themed slot, with the pot of gold, leprechauns, and everything else that you literally can’t find anywhere in Ireland. We say that tongue in cheek, of course.

The luck of the Irish has endured across generations, and it is a saying synonymous with the country—affiliate gambling sites and other Irish-themed casino games are simply an extension

of that.

Is There Much Difference Between UK & Other Countries?

Yes, there is. There are countries where gambling is illegal and could result in a heavy fine or even a jail sentence.

So, yes, there is a pretty big difference between the UK and other countries. Although football gambling is the dominant form of sports betting, many people only

use the internet to get their football news – this can vary from country to country, such as the NFL in the USA or cricket in India, etc.

However, the UK is not the biggest gambling market in the world—this distinction now belongs to the USA.

Around a decade or so ago, the UK gambling industry was bigger than the US. Many states forbade their citizens to gamble, and other than Las Vegas and a few pockets of specialist

gambling areas like Atlantic City in New Jersey, there was a much frostier approach to gambling than the digital landscape we see today, where over two dozen states now allow digital casino

gambling as well as online sports betting.

Beyond The US Market

Other countries that deserve a mention in this category include Canada, Australia, and Macau, which has been the most prominent gambling jurisdiction on the planet since 2006. Countries

like Singapore have the highest number of gamblers per head of population.

Localised legislation differs, but many online platforms that can operate in these countries follow similar rules to those in the UK. Casino games especially have a similar structure, as they

usually don’t break out of a traditional mould.

There might be the odd roulette game, which is 100 to 1, or some niche ones that use a double ball – but they are mostly the same, so a lot of the legislation regarding betting amounts and how the game is played and regulated is often the same.

Almost all of the top countries ascribe to a broader agreement, which is a global governing body called the IAGR (International Association of Gaming Regulators). They often provide a framework and ideas that work from a legislative perspective, which many countries usually take on board.

Finding Online Gambling Via Social Media

With over half the world using social media to some degree, it’s become the new avenue for people to seek out information. Anybody looking for a new gambling site will likely take to social

media or a search engine to find out what people have to say or recommend.

While social media is hardly immune to ridiculous or uninformed opinions, you’re less likely to find it from people recommending a gambling site. Perhaps don’t start taking health advice from some guy on Facebook who used to work with eight years ago. However, recommending online gambling sites is probably okay.

Many gambling companies use their social media platforms as their primary avenue of advertising. All of them will use digital platforms, in some capacity, to bring people on board.

Any casino gaming platform or sportsbook that neglects this element of their business is in a challenging position – and with the ubiquitous nature of social media sites like TikTok and

Instagram, they’ve not just become the most popular route that people take when looking for a gambling site – but they’ve become the only route that a lot of bettors take.

We’re not saying that social media sites are the best places to find the best online gambling outside the UK – but many of the top companies will use social media to advertise and spend

millions trying to connect their platform to new clientele and bigger international audiences.

Prominent UK gambling names have branched out into international markets, so even if you’re not somebody who resides in the UK, you’ve likely come across them. As the world becomes a

lot closer due to the internet, many multi-billion pound operators in the UK offer their services to bettors further away, too, so there could be more of a crossover than you think.

Responsible Gambling

As the gambling industry continues expanding into more countries, responsible gambling is continuing to take up a key part of the rhetoric within the broader industry.

Being aware of how to spot problem gambling is a crucial tool for anybody who partakes in a casino game or sports bet online.

Although the warning signs can rear their head in many ways, the most common ones to look out for are those who exceed time and deposit limits.

Anybody who views gambling as a source of income becomes visibly aggressive because of losses or chases; their losses are all characteristics of a problem and shouldn’t be ignored. Reaching out to gambling helplines or speaking to family and friends can help to identify this issue and stamp it out before it becomes a crisis.

Final Thoughts

Essentially, all of the other top gambling countries have their own pros and cons. However, affiliate sites have taken a grasp on the market on a global level. UK bettors can seek out

affiliate sites in the same way Aussie gamblers and Canadian and North American gamblers can.

As long as these sites remain impartial, they’re the best bet to find reputable online gambling sites outside of the UK.

As we alluded, many affiliate sites, especially those with operations in many different countries, don’t just have their sights set on one group of bettors or one country. With the exception of

Irishluck, which is often the go-to site for Irish bettors and one of the most highly rated, many of the others offer a more generic but fair and impartial service.

Article written by Michael O’Neill.

Michael’s journey into online gambling has been unique. He first started off as a croupier in a land-based casino, where he experienced a taste of some of the world’s top casinos.

His experience then shifted toward the ever-changing legislative landscape, and he’s one of the few gambling experts who takes a keen interest in this ever-changing element of the industry.


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