23rd Jul, 2017

Cannon Park Tesco store offers a helping hand to Charter Primary School

Shaun Reynolds 1st Oct, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

DOZENS of pairs of wellies have been donated to Charter Primary School from the Cannon Park Tesco store.

Based on Mitchell Avenue, the school was delighted with the donation as it aims to become a ‘Forest School’.

The Forest School project will enable children to spend more time outside taking safe risks, improving their self-esteem, mental well-being and core values through a variety of activities.

And the wellies are expected to prove vital so activities can take place in all weather conditions.

The Tesco store at Cannon Park provided numerous sizes to the primary school, ensuring all 228 children aged 3-11 years have the opportunity to take part in the project.

Mrs Georgette Franklin, head teacher at Charter Primary School, said: “Whenever you ask the children to reflect on their favourite time at school it is always an outdoor experience.

“This donation will mean we can provide these valuable experiences whatever the weather.”

Tesco store manager Stephanie Wiggin said: “The Forest School project is a great way to keep children active in the outdoors and we’re glad we could help with this project.

“We hope the wellies will come in handy for the children in the upcoming autumn months.”