25th Apr, 2017

Sikh Union make special visit to Houses of Parliament to showcase their community work

Shaun Reynolds 29th Jul, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

A SIKH UNION showcased its work to MPs last month after receiving an invitation from the Sikh Council UK to attend the Houses of Parliament.

Based at the Daimler Green Community Centre, the union was invited along with other Sikh organisations to display examples of the work they do in and around Coventry.

The union uses the centre to provide a friendly atmosphere for the community to engage in sports, fitness, leisure and social activities.

With the aim of developing educational and recreational resources, the union organises events and develops the Sikh cultural and social activities – while also promoting the moral and spiritual values of the Sikh community.

Sikh Council UK organised the event which invited MPs to witness the work that organisations do to help some of the most vulnerable people living in the UK.

MPs Chris White, Jonathon Ashworth, Jim Cunningham, Sajid Javid attended the event.

Palvinder Singh Chana, chairman of the Sikh Union, said: “We were delighted that MPs took time out and visited our stand to see what we do for the community in Coventry.

“This event has helped strengthen our aims further and we want to continue working in Coventry but also abroad as well.”

For further information about the Sikh Union, visit facebook.com/groups/SikhUnionCoventrynews/ or follow them on Twitter – @SikhUnion_CovUK