20th Jul, 2017

Tattoo Fixers solve Coventry man's elephant penis problem

Shaun Reynolds 19th Jan, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

A COVENTRY man has been left red faced after he was forced to remove a tattoo of an elephant’s head from around his penis.

Following a drunken night out, builder Kieran allowed his friend – Snowy – to draw the tattoo, though soon seeked helped in an attempt to hide the troublesome symbol.

Kieran appeared on hit Channel 4 programme ‘Tattoo Fixers’ to solve the problem admitting it was a “mess”.

However this is not the first time Kieran and his friend have drawn tattoos on each other after admitting they’ve previously played noughts and crosses and written names on each others ribs as part of a weekly event dubbed ‘Tattoo Tuesdays’.

Kieran said: “One day after work we had a few beers, a few too many, and the tattoo gun came out and that is where ‘Tattoo Tuesday’ started.”

Despite Kieran’s disapproval, Snowy believed the tattoo looked good and said the tattoo “looks brilliant”.

After having the tattoo removed, Kieran was told to partake in no more ‘Tattoo Tuesdays’.