20th Jul, 2017

Freddie's mum speaks of her heartache

Coventry Editorial 16th Feb, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

IN HER heart-rending impact statement over the tragic loss of her young son, Charlotte told the judge: “Fourteen months on since Freddie’s passing, tiny fingerprints still mark my windows and telly, toys still fill my lounge, there’s still a highchair at my kitchen table and a pram at my back door.

“How can I move those things and let them go when my baby should be here with me.

“I spent my son’s second birthday utterly heartbroken, sobbing uncontrollably into the ash-filled cardboard tube I now call my son.

“I will never see my son grow up, I’ll never hear him talk to me, I’ll never have a copy of his first drawing, I’ll never see him go to school or university or get married, and I may never have grandchildren. This is just too much loss to bear.”

Charlotte spoke of throwing up on the M6 on seeing the wrecked car as she was trying to get to the hospital and realising how badly injured Freddie must have been.

And she went on to talk about being in the hospital ‘lying beside Freddie and holding him, watching him take his last breath and closing my eyes just for a minute, pretending we were just sleeping.’

Charlotte continued: “I will never be blissfully happy again. The day that car crashed and killed my beautiful, happy little boy was the day that my life was truly ruined for ever. This is a pain I will carry until my dying day.”